Quality Control

Quality Control

It is in our policy, that a product or mould should be delivered to a customer only when he is fully satisfied and all his requirements are met.

We discuss individual quality procedures tailored to his needs and we issue quality conformance and specification sheets with the customer. We perform quality checks using 3d probe, optical projector, various electronic calipers as well as statistical process techniques by the use of spreadsheets. Moreover there is a possibility of counting the produced goods by a metric system-machine that called CMM. The machine provides the ability for: 1. Loyalty, fast and easy counter of the whole width of the geometricals and dimensionals tolerances. 2. Scanner-copy and print in enviroment CAD or/and check and comparison of the surfaces and parts geometry. The most important characteristic of the machine is the exactness of the countings in mikra (μm) as this is determined by the model ISO 10360-2 and concerns the exactness of the machine despite the orientation. Technoform s.a. is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by TUV Hellas.


• 3D Probe

• Optical projector (x10)

• Various electronic calipers

• Counter machine CMM


ISO 9001 : 2015 EN GR

Quality Control policy

CMM–Global Performance


Optical projector

Armour vehicle battery

Torpedo battery plate – Fully machined